I will arrive soon in the US, how to get a Health Insurance?

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healthYou have not told us how old you are. That is crucial to give you the answer, but we will try to handle the question with every possible answer.

First, in case you have been granted with the United States permanent residency status already, AND you are under 60 years of age, you may be qualified for the so called domestic Health Care Insurance.

Still, you may check the latest Plans for the Legal Immigrants (Green Card owners) or in other word the Plans for Inbound Immigrants.

Let’s see an example:

You may choose between short and long term health insurance. That mean, the short one is calculated by the term of less than one year (364 days precisely).
The insurance house Lloyd give the following plan:

For the pro person limit of $50.000 you will have to pay $61.10 per month, and it is calculated per incident. From that you may deduct $150, also per person and per incident. The second value of the insurance is $100.000 and in that case you have to pay $87.20 per month (per person and per incident). In that fee is calculated the applicant premium and the administrator fees too.

What you get with it? Well, the following:
Affordable for long term immigrants with low or limited budget
The Plan is renewable but also can be canceled
You may use the PPO network of them (you have to check with the insurance house the list of the particular hospitals and /or doctors)
The Plan is renewable up to five continuous periods of 364 days)

health-insuranceAlso, please be aware that this one is also a LIMITED Plan of the Health Insurance.

That means this plan is good if you want to pay less to keep money in home, you will receive the basic medical attention, the Plan is not always usable in cases when medical attention is needed for serious cases (the Plan don’t cover the cost’s), you will be asked to pay extra expenditure for medical care.

If you can afford yourself, better get the Comprehensive Plan, so the most serious cases are also covered with the insurance, but the payment per month will increase too.

It is all up to you what you will choose. Our opinion is that you may get for first time the basic insurance, and as soon as possible you may cancel it and get the comprehensive one.

The main differences between the basic and comprehensive insurance are that the comprehensive give you more and higher benefits with better medical coverage. The insurance will take over the payment of some amount of the expenses, the amount or percentage is strictly ruled by the policy. Of course, the rest is up to you to pay. You may enjoy the benefits and discounts from the PPO network (hospitals and/or doctors). The comprehensive Plan may give coverage for travel interruptions, baggage loss due travel, benefits like emergency evacuations an a like. Minors can get adequate medical insurance coverage in every part of medical problems. The biggest con of this plan is that it is more expensive than the basics.

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